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Stuck Lemonade

For those in the toxic relationships, the everlasting 9 to 5’s, or unhealthy households. 

We hate to admit it but it's natural - we all have that time where we feel like life isn’t giving us enough lemons for lemonade, but with a couple of other attributing ingredients, we can make it work. The feeling of not being able to move forward is a crippling one, but as said before, it is natural. Believe me when I say I have been mixing because I have a recipe for your Stuck Lemonade.





Desire for more

Desire for better

STEP1: (ACKNOWLEDGE + ACCEPT) More Lemons Please?

To get the lemons that life hasn’t provided, you must first accept your deficit.  Acknowledge that lack of progression, growth, or satisfaction because sweeping it under the rug and letting things remain how they are is the last thing you want to do. Accept the fact that you may not be your strongest self because its what makes you stronger, the truth will set you free. Usually when we become stuck its because our lives are taking control of us when it should be vice versa. Acknowledge and acceptance is important to help you understand that you are in control of your own life. Once you realize your life has been two stepping all over you, start the process of getting back on top!

STEP 2: (GOALS) Lemon seeds on the low?

Once you get a little more thirsty for lemonade, its time to strategize and ask yourself, “What do I want for myself?” Think about it, and I really mean think about it! Ask yourself questions like “What do I need to do to get myself to XYZ?” and “What are the extra things I need to help me along the way?” Don't be afraid to confide in others for help at any time, there are great people around you and they will want to help you by at least showing love and support (we could only hope in ’17 lmao*shade emoji*). Talking to others is so important because you can get insight on the situation, and you could possibly learn more than you would if  you were to go about your situation alone. Create 

  *does your goal have a time period?

STEP 3: (GO GET IT) Find the seeds and get to planting.

Go get some lemon seeds and get to planting! Understand that work must be done to get to the place that you want to be. It takes a strong mind and the urge to have more. Figure out what steps you must take and start taking it day by day. Its helpful to use all the cool apps that come with your phone like Reminders, Alarms, Notes and the Calendar to keep yourself on track with daily tasks that attribute to you reaching your goals. If you are most likely to remind yourself to do certain things by writing things down, that works too! I know I like to write things down a million times so that it can really get through to my head, my mom always told me I do too much but she never denied my note taking skills were on a bean! It helps get things done

STEP 4: (GROW) When life gives you lemons..

Once you get to taste the sweet and sour fruits of your labor, you just have to keep going. Hard work really pays off and in situations such as being stuck in a unfulfilling place in your life, its important to overcome that setback because it can affect your mental, triggering other radical emotions. We’ve all been here but with a little motivation, time, and hard work we can make lemonade. 


*Comment below telling me about a time you’ve overcome a time in your life where you’ve felt stuck.

*For tips/to chat contact me @1evilhousewife on twitter/instagram or through the contact me portion of this webpage!

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