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QUARANTINE & CHILL || Coping during the COVID Crisis

If I could have one wish come true in the midst of a worldwide epidemic, it would be for everyone to cope in peace.

Between people projecting their fears, the president going back and forth about what to and not do with the CDC/WHO, and impulse shoppers at Walmart...

I am tired.

(Though I’ve managed to cram 10 hours of sleep in ever so often)

This was supposed to be everyone’s year, it rolled off the tongue so nicely and there seemed to be a collective boost in morale at the dusk of 2019. We are currently enduring the peak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, and everyone has their panties in a bunch, which is valid under the circumstance that there is no certain resolution and we were not prepared whatsoever when it hit us. We are still in the discovery phase so as the professionals do their thing, the only thing we can do to help is simply maintain, be patient, and take in the FACTS when provided. The most reliable sources are the CDC, WHO, and governors; governors are the ones giving you direct information about how your state is being affected and what’s to come next.

Worry about the now.

Scare tactics have everyone in an uproar about fate and that’s something that we never had control over. Our directions are simple, and we must follow them for the time being.

It sucks a lot because we are humans and we thrive off of each other, whether you are an introvert or extrovert. This physical health crisis has evolved into a mental health crisis as well since we are forced to practice social distancing. There’s not enough twitter, Instagram, zoom, or facetime that can fulfill the longing we have to touch and experience one another right now. I beg that you think of others and reflect upon yourself during this time. We all need a bit of extra TLC and help to cope with the distance, here are a few things I have been doing to keep myself distracted from all of the confusion:

  1. Reading books (The most powerful woman in the room is you, a happy pocket full of money, and how to be alone).

  2. Painting

  3. Making jewelry

  4. Writing in my journal. (physical or virtual using the Diaro app)

  5. Binge-watching tv shows and rewatching my favorite movies. [If you have seen Ozark please @ me on twitter or Instagram @soroyanaomi because… I’m traumatized]

  6. Group facetime with friends.

  7. Taking walks around my neighborhood while listening to music or recording a voice memo to get some things off of my chest.

  8. Yoga and meditation; meditating is helping me with getting more in touch with my feelings and enjoying the act of being still in such a fast-paced world. I am so glad I incorporated this practice into my life.

  9. Excessive self-care; I have a new skincare regimen that is clearing up my acne scars sooo fast and also I have been more consistent with my rice water routine. I plan on coming out of this glowing yall!

Don’t let people on social media tell you that you should or should not be doing with your time during this crisis, it’s another scare tactic. People are always going to find a reason to criticize others when their way isn’t the way of the collective. Listen to yourself, your body mind and soul, during these uncertain times. If you would like to chat simply reach out in the contact section and I will respond very promptly, even if it’s about the color of the sky today. You are not alone during this time. Check-in on your family and friends to catch up, relax as you need to, look inwards, and maybe learn something new!

Stay Home. Stay Up. Stay Safe.

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