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Photo Journal No. 1 - Last Days

I've been an independent city dweller my entire life, taking public transportation since the 8th grade.. Dealing with the obscurities of people living in their own worlds was a regular activity for me up until late.

I've been entertained, in love, in pain, pissed the hell off, confused, inspired, and unfortunately like many others, endangered on the train. The recent uncomfort strangers have left me with became too much, physically and mentally draining me of my energy.. So a bitch got a car.

At the end of August I was lucky enough to get my first car, Lizzy McGuire, a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta. I've been driving around trying to relearn the city on wheels and one thing I've learned is to enjoy the practice of being alone. I've been dating myself, doing my skincare, journaling, all the little things I enjoy that are required for me to tap back in with myself. We change so much.. Life got so hectic at a point that I didn't even get to acknowledge any change within myself until someone asked me to formally introduce myself at a vending event recently and I had no extravagant way of pitching myself, something I used to be well known for..

Nowadays, I find myself on a self discovery journey getting reacquainted with the things I love and forming better routines that allow me to be That Girl out loud! My birthday just past and I've been looking at it as a New Year. For 24 I want it all, the healthy body inside and out, the creative energy flowing through me consistently, and all of the new experiences that I didn't know I needed. Inspiration is in every corner and I'm tapping in (especially now that I got my baby, Lizzy).

I'll use my newfound freedom to see the world from new perspectives and leave my name in ears that travel miles beyond my feet could go. I'll indulge in all of the things that bring me comfort and peace more frequently, in efforts to improve my overall mood. I'll increase my quality of life through the process of pain and pleasure, aka working hard and playing hard. The older I get the more I crave safety, comfort, and adrenaline from the rewarding unknown. I'm grown and life is short, it's never not the time to make the most of life.

I'm glad that I unconsciously captured my last moments riding public transportation because I have been riding since I was in 6th grade. It's been apart of my life for so long and this is a transitional moment. Next on my big girl list is to get an apartment to provide myself with a more personalized safe space that I can call my own. That's what this is all about - providing myself and my loved ones with everything they need. Then I'd like to move on to the needs of our community next year, we need more creative resources for the youth! My nana was adamant about providing literature and arts + crafts for kids, she inspired me a lot to write and draw as a kid and I never strayed away. I'll be working really hard towards my goal this holiday season- pushing SONAO. so that I can get myself where I need to be so I can help others.

Remember folks, you can't help others if you can't help yourself. Treat Yo Self, Prioritize You!

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