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My Top Easy & Inexpensive Skincare Remedies


I’m jumping right to the chase today so you can start saving money and reducing on waste ASAP. Fruits and vegetables are your keys to producing less waste, saving more money, clear skin, and increased production of natural energy overall. Creating random "concoctions" I'd call them, was my favorite pass time as a kid and nothing has really changed since then, I still enjoy dabbling with ingredients and finding ways to make them multipurpose. Growing up, I just wanted to create potions as if it were Harry Potter but once I stumbled onto the internet and found out people create their own face/hair masks with produce, it was a crazy ride from then on.

But it's crazy right? How the resolution has been right in your kitchen or local grocery. Produce are naturally enriched with the vitamins that we need to get the job done inside and out. I’ve spoken about the importance of incorporating food with high octane into your diet (LINK) to energize yourself within but what if your skin needs an energy boost? Dull, acne prone skin, pores large as craters.. yeah I been there. 

Below I listed some of my top remedies for healthy, hydrated, strong, and radiant skin! If I am being honest, I get the best skin when I’m not eating fast food, drinking water like there won’t be any by tomorrow, and treating my skin based on its current needs, not past problems. Before trying any of these remedies, make sure to diagnose the state of your skin to see if there are any sensitive areas or kinks you'd like to work out so you can target that in your process.


Funny story, as a kid I used to be so petrified of potatoes but as I grew up they’re probably my fav thing. I love them and all the many forms they can take. My favorite use? Dark/puffy designer bags underneath my eyes. Get two slices and pop it into the fridge to chill. Then sit them under both eyes for about 10 minutes and woo-lah. You’ll see a dramatic difference! This was the most bizarre thing when I first heard but after seeing the results, I don’t stray away too often. 


Aloe Vera- AKA THE BEST FACE MASK FOR SELF CARE SUNDAY. I’ve been growing aloe for a very long time, so long that I have babies ready for a plant popup shop this summer (hang tight for details) and bro. This was the best decision I’ve ever made. Aloe leaves can be bought at the market; slice it in half horizontally and scoop out the gel from within and smear it on your face. Sit for about 20, usually I let mines dry up. Then wash away to reveal your newly plump and extremely hydrated skin! 

3) CITRUS FRUITS (lemon. lime. grapefruit)

Lemon sugar scrubs are the bomb dot com. It’s as simple as wash your face, slice a slither of lemon, and then dip it in sugar (fine is my preference since the face is delicate), then scrub your face. This yummy face scrub works exceptionally well due to the acids packed in it. If you’re okay with hyaluronic acid you’ll be okay with a little lemon. I’ve seen people make body scrubs using lemon, lime or orange as their main ingredient. Get a large-sized sugar, use the juice from your fruit, and add the zest of the fruit. Essential oils or maybe even honey? Sounds like a winner to me! 


This is some miracle like shit okay! Now, I’ve been watching multiple YouTube videos do reading in depth about the effects of rice water on hair /stimulation. A lot of people have said they’ve seen their hair grow from using this magical concoction. I’ve been using it once a week for two weeks so far; not really expecting to see a drastic change in hair growth for maybe a month or so if at all. Since I’ve started using it, my hair has gotten drastically softer and is way easier to detangle. My hair is strong as hell, breakage has decreased, and when I put oil in my hair I feel as though my scalp takes fully absorbed it rather than just sitting in my scalp. 

[Think of your scalp, just because it's covered in hair and you have a set hair care routine means skip out, your hair and scalp are not to be treated the same]The best part about these beauty hacks is that you can repurpose all of these items for various recipes! At the least, you can make a yummy detox drink with the fruits listed above. Also, you cut back on waste because these hacks can easily replace that $50 face scrub in the pretty tube that has the same effect. What are your organic health/beauty hacks?

Everything listed above are products I've personally tried myself, if you have any recommendations we can chat in the comments below. Share and subscribe if you'd like to see more content ♡

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