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Jewelry Commission 101

Apparently jewelry isn't everyone's cup of tea.. but tbh I don't see why not.. The beauty of jewelry is the versatility and vast selection of customization. You can ice yourself out, love your handcrafted pieces, wear one, wear a ton. It's never not exciting and stimulating. Plus it's the perfect gift during birthday and holiday season - it's the thought that counts and whats more thoughtful than 1-of-1 jewelry?! I love getting custom jewelry because it's something nobody else has, something meant for me, designed for me and me only to wear. Exclusive shxt only!! My favorite aspect of SONAO. is being able to provide people with custom jewelry that we design together. Here are a couple of things to think about before reaching out for a commission:

The Easy Part

What article of jewelry are you looking for?

The beauty of artisanal jewelry is that every single piece has a story that lasts beyond a lifetime and is uniquely unlike any other. Whether you are someone who enjoys stacking their jewelry like those on the #neckcandy hashtag of instagram, or you just like throwing a dazzling piece on ever so often - an accent piece doesn't hurt.

Jewelry Options






Waist Beads

What metal should we use? There are 3 options at SONAO.

14k Solid Gold and 14k Gold Fill || Current Price is$1057.70 an ounce or $32.20 per gram

  • Solid gold is the most expensive but worthwhile option because no all findings are special ordered. Projects using 14k gold can take up to a month to complete based upon shipping

  • 14k Gold Fill Items are made up of a base metal with 1/20th of a thick coating of solid gold ( you can identify gold filled items by searching your clasp for a 1/20 mark).

  • 14k Gold Fill has less solid gold so it's more affordable. Rather than being plated it has been heavily coated in 14k Gold, so it may be cost efficient but it's also long lasting with proper care.

Sterling Silver || Current Price is $18.99 an ounce or $0.63 per gram

  • ahhh a favorite! Ok let's get to business

  • Sterling silver also goes by 925 Silver because there is only 92.5% of pure silver in the piece, the rest is copper.

  • Sterling silver oxidizes when exposed to the sulfur and moisture in the air. I always try to keep my .925 jewelry in a jewelry box when i'm not wearing it.

Plated metal || Cost varies but it remains in the ($) section

  • Consists of base metal and long lasting plating of any metal you like. This selection includes a bare copper option.

  • Not very long lasting and the plated layer wears off over time with wear. Lotions and oils increase chance of oxidation and layers peeling off.

  • When picking plated materials SONAO. does look for materials sourced as "Long Lasting Plating". I'd highly recommend plating for a piece you want to wear short term for fashion and fun. Plated metals are often used in Costume Jewelry.

  • You can hold onto plated items longer if you wear these pieces sparingly.

For the babes with sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, it's best to stick to Sterling silver or stainless steel which are both good with sensitive skin. Gold filled should hold up on those with sensitive ears for a while but at the first sign of irritation I would get a replacement for the piece that's touching your skin.

The Hard Part

Measuring yourself: The best way to go about measuring yourself for any piece of jewelry is to grab a piece of string and wrap it around the body part that you are trying to accomodate. Then think about how you would like for your piece to fit.

The Fun Part

Let's add some color.

This isn't mandatory but why not?! Gemstones are known for their juicy colors and metaphysical properties. Some people pick gemstones based upon what calls them, this is how I personally started getting into them.

  • If you already know some gemstones you like, you can list them in your commission submission. Feel free to also send in colors you just know you want to incorporate for a fact.

  • You can request help picking gemstones upon reaching out - I have a vast selection of gems already in a variety of cuts. We can schedule a consultation is you send 3 times you're available to talk for a 15 minute session within the upcoming week.

  • Tips

  1. Pick one of your birthstones, most months have different birthstones to represent those born within that month.

  2. Think about your favorite color(s) and look up gemstones that match that color.

  3. What colors do you wear the most? What compliments your closet at this moment? What colors go best with the metal you picked?

  4. Let the gemstones pick you: visit your local crystal and gemstone shop and see which gemstones call you. There's also surveys online that tell you which gemstones you need to better your lifestyle.

  5. Pick based off of their healing properties. There are a lot of gemstones notes listed on the @sonaodotco instagram but you can also reference some here.


With all the information above you'll be ready to create the 1 of a kind piece of jewelry you didn't know how much you really needed. I'll leave this post off with 4 notes...

  1. Custom jewelry is amazing as a gift. If you want to get that girl to like you, make her a necklace with one of her birthstones. Gift her her fav color.

  2. This experience makes your jewelry 10,000% more valuable because its made from two hearts and two hands. Nobody else will have anything like it.

  3. Don't hesitate to be courageous and step outside your comfort zone.

  4. Each artisan jewelry designer has their own technique, if you need extra help in the process check out some things they already made.

[Photo above showcases wire-wrap style necklace, silk-knotted style necklace and a basic strung necklace]

Well honestly - I'd love to make you something! You can send commission requests here.

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