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I Finally Tried The Ordinary Peeling Solution and I-

When I tell you my acne has been acting up, I really really mean it. From the occasional stress at work to the undesirable “time of the month” my skin has not had a break.

Until I started researching chemical peels..

After searching through youtube skincare regimens and product reviews, desperately looking for answers to all my skincare problems, I learned about The Ordinary. What stood out to me was the fact that it was so inexpensive and in minimal packaging. My biggest frustration with the cosmetic industry is that we pay so much money for cute packaging when the actual product is not even worth that much. Products from the ordinary are barely $10, everything; and they clarify very well if each product would be a fit for you. On each product page there is a description, directions, ingredient list, and lenghty in depth reviews from people giving their personal experiences and thoughts on the products.

The product I tried was the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. It’s described as a exfoliating peel that refines the texture of skin, eliminates fine lines, and gives you an overall even and bright skin tone. Just like an exfoliating cleanser it deep cleanses your pores extracting toxins.

They used very few ingredients:

30% acids (lactic/ glycolic/ tartaric/ citric)

2% beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid)

Hyaluronic acid cross polymer

Vitamin B5

Black carrot

Tasmanian pepper berry

Thoughts after purchase and first use:

-This doesn’t burn as much as I thought it would.

-It stays wet the entire 10 minutes that it sits on my face so removal is really easy.

-That was painless, imma use this more than 2 times a week cause I need help.

-Bright? I love my melanin I don’t want this to be like a bleach treatment so we'll see after a couple of tries.

1-month review: The results that I see in my skin is exceptional. I get really bad acne when I’m stressed or i'm on my flow so I am often stuck with acne scars as reminders from those tough times. After using the exfoliating peel for a month and investing in acrylic nails so I can’t pick (a horrible habit), I have only seen my skin get better! My acne scars are getting less and less dark, yet my actual skin is glowing underneath. My pores aren’t as huge and my face feels baby bottom meets charmin ultra meets snuggle commercial soft. This is a troubled skin girls genie in a bottle.

How do I incorporate it into my regimen?

I use this peeling solution 2-3 time a week during my night time skin care routine; when I am preparing to use this mask I cleanse my face with a store brand version of Cetaphil because (A) its cheaper with the same ingredients and (B) it cleanses my face and keeps it moisturized. This peeling solution seems to ever so slightly strip my face of moisture but pairing it with the Cetaphil dupe helps prep my face without taking away any natural moisture my face needs. Afterwards I follow up with a target treatment and overnight mask/moisturizer. Sometimes, if my skin is super dry but I need to do the peeling solution, I follow up with a rosehip seed and vitamin E oil combination.

After using this product for a while now, I am very satisfied with the results. My skin glows immediately after every use, my acne scars have faded exceptionally, and my skin feels so plump and tight! I am in love with this stuff and I am definitely buying another bottle soon. I would recommend this to anyone who has textured skin, dark marks. enlarged pores, or fine lines that they want to take care of. I have never seen such a difference in such a short period of time. Any skin type can use this; just make sure that you don't strip your skin before use and you follow up with a moisturizer that is hydrating and fits your skincare needs.

What skincare products changed your life?Have you ever used any products by The Ordinary?Comment Below | Share | Like if you enjoy and want more :)

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