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Combating Burnout - The stop, decompress & reset formula

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Life gets intricate and we are hard working young adults trying to secure the futures of ourselves and our posterity. We may be at our peak but we’re definitely not invincible. But I get it, you got to work hard to live the life you want!

But what do you do when it’s been weeks of you working harder than you thought and you’re washed out? Don’t fall apart, this lesson, like many, is one that you need to learn. I used to say yes to everything so burnout and I would have midwest style standoffs FREQUENTLY but the key is to stop, reassess, decompress, and reset.


Take a personal day

  • Stop everything you’re doing and kick it with yourself. I’m a big advocate for the debilitating yet oh so rewarding journey of intentionally navigating life alone. Spend some time with yourself, do things you love but don’t take in too much social media because today is about you not others. How is your body feeling? What thoughts are racing your mind?


Do some intentional journaling

  • There's coming to terms with how you are feeling and then there’s making moves towards where you want to be. Look at your situation through the eyes of a tough lover. Realize what you’re missing or need more of in life, then consider what you may need to sacrifice or change to get there. Journaling is a self-reflective practice that you can do anywhere. Here are 5 entries I benefit from when resetting

  1. Feeling how I’m feeling

  2. What I am working towards

  3. Discipline as a form of self love

  4. By the end of the year I want to

  5. The last time I was extremely happy, here’s what I was doing

  6. I’m thankful for the people surrounding me because

  7. This is why I’m hot

Consider Meditation

Everyone has their own personal opinions on meditation but take away the religious ideals you may have and replace it with the simple act of resting and regulating your mind to think freely. Cut out ten minutes of your day to just sit up (or lay down, whatever works best for you) and let your mind go. I like to regulate my breathing, slowly close my eyes, imagine a white space, and go from there. There are tons of youtube videos and apps that are great for guided meditation


Prepare for battle

Every day brings new challenges, it’s all about making sure you’re ready to show up and show out. Prepare for battle in advance and make sure you’re checking off all the boxes. Ensure that wherever you go and what you do - you go do it feeling good, looking good, with confidence and no holding back. Whatever it takes to check those boxes or do them well in advance.

Stay on top of your self care, make it a job to check in with yourself at least one day throughout the week. I believe people adopted the self care sunday routine as a way to feel a connection to others while prioritizing taking care of themselves, so join in! If you keep yourself in mind you lower your chances of getting burnout while achieving success - don't lose momentum. There's no right or wrong way of living life or getting to where you need to be, just taking the tiny steps towards the big picture so give with grace.

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