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4 Lessons I've learned since leaving my 9 to 5

So two weeks ago I finally lost my job to covid. I only say finally because we were a small business and it was tough for a while. Our city is changing, the market is changing, shit, I’m changing too - so when I lost my job I figured it was a big sign. So here I am - back to working for myself just like I was before working at my lovely bead supplier. I’ll miss my job but I’m sure that when one door closes another one is bound to open so I am open to all the lovely opportunities coming my way.

It’s been two weeks since we shut down and I spent all of this time resting and getting ready to give SONAO. my all. Looking back I learned a lot these past 2 weeks of binge watching Euphoria, eating food at unusual times, learning how to use Instagram Reels/TikTok, and creating routines.

As I begin to transition back into an entrepreneurial mindset, I relearn so many things about myself that I want to carry with me throughout this journey. Here’s what I’ve learned since leaving my 9-5:

1. I don't want to go back to working for somebody

Yeaaaaah so *hearty clap* y’all, I am not cut out for a 9-5 and thats perfectly fine. I enjoy being creative and productive at night while making the best of my days. It’s extremely draining for me to have a day job and then come home to work on my craft after working a 6-8 hour shift. Within 48 hours I've completed more than I could do in a week when I was working, I've challenged myself more, and have spent way more time with people I love. All while making progress towards life goals that are fulfilling to me.

This decision was not easy and I put a lot of factors into the decision making process. Asking questions like "when do I like to rest the most?" or"what are some special qualities and setbacks my trusted peers can say about me?" and "What changes do I have to make to get to the finish line of my goals?" Getting comfortably aligned with your values and longterm goals will assist you in the long battle of imposter syndrome and growing pains. Believe me, it took two weeks to remember who the f*ck I am.

2. Rest is extremely important, don't short yourself

The first two days being jobless I wanted to work so bad that I had to force myself to chill on multiple occasions. It took me about 4-6 days of resting to mentally prepare for the shift. I haven't had a vacation for years nor a weekend off for months, it was insane, I couldn't turn my brain off. I should have known to request mental health days because I was to a point where work was more frustrating than fun and I loved my job. Moving forward I am working hard to be able to rest and regroup as much as I desire in the future.

When you have a large goal or are backed against a wall you can expect to exert a lot of energy (mental+physical) to keep yourself on track. There is nobody above you to tap you on the shoulder and say "Hey take a break you deserve it" or "Work Hard Play Hard Playa" so you have to be a shoulder to lean on for yourself. Listen to your body and take time when you need it. Life is too short, plus you can't get things done as efficiently as possible when you're body is out of whack.

3. If you don’t think highly of yourself, nobody else will.

Ok SERIOUSLY!!! My biggest setback is how much I doubt myself and prevent myself from being courageous at times when I need to be. Feel your feelings but always remember that you've got this now and you always will. You know how much time and effort you put into yourself to be able to boast the way that you do! Practice your gratitude, practice pitching yourself + elaborating your ideas clearly, and speak life into yourself at the top of your day. People will look for a reason to criticize others because that way they don't have to focus on their own shortcomings. While you are doubting yourself and second guessing, it's likely someone is one step closer to walking through the door that's open in front of you. We are already our own worst critics. Learn to be your own hype man too. Speak yourself into the rooms you want to be in.

4. Take your losses, learn, and keep it pushing.

Don’t let one minor inconvenience deter you from the big picture. I am a libra and once again, an only child so yeah I am a big baby drama queen and I found that I get into a really sad mood when things don’t work out. To combat this I allow myself to feel how I feel, address how it’s affecting me, and then go into planning exactly what to do next. Even if I don’t get back to work the same day I set a time to do so, that way I can stay on track. Sometimes you have to step back, regroup, plan strategically, and move forward.

If you aren't journaling already, you should get on that. If you are a person who likes to write things down get a physical journal. If you want to make journaling fast, convenient, and mobile then I suggest you use the journal template on Notion!

Long story short, show up for yourself and don’t succumb to societal pressure because nobody will ever have you like you, boo!

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