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I'm Soroya Naomi Cunningham. I champion being a Self-made Content Creator, Jewelry and Accessories Designer, Photographer, and Current Mass Media Student at the Community College of Philadelphia.

Trailblazing. Capturing my era with good people and no regrets. I created this platform Summer of 2017 for self-expressive purposes and it's taken many shapes since then; that's something that will never change. As life goes on I continue to curate around the themes that take over our lives and seek ways to do so by optimizing with others around me.

Let's make something beautiful!

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Jewelry + Accessories 

Solidified late 2019 as 1EvilHousewife, the 2021 SONAO, is a Jewelry and Accessories brand that sells artisan jewelry infused with precious gemstones and gold-filled/sterling silver metals, and more. Though SONAO.  is curated by one woman, she can't do it all without the village. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support this small black-owned business. You and your feedback are greatly appreciated.


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SONAO. champions opening opportunities, building unique and sustainable lifestyles, picking brains, inspiring beauty, and achieving dreams.

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I want more expression. More representation and easily accessible knowledge for me, my peers, and our posterity!

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